About us

A Talk Show and News Channel with no Affiliation to any Political Party in India or Abroad

A global talk show with desi flavor – QaumiMasley™ is TuhaddaApna Talk Show ਤੁਹਾਡਾਆਪਣਾਟਾਕਸ਼ੋਅ!

Tune into QaumiMasley for discussions and solutions relating to social issues, legal issues, human rights concerns, immigration concerns, education concerns, mental health awareness, wellness, culture, lifestyle,and a whole lot more that affects the Punjabi community across the globe. In short, we’ll be discussing everything except politics.

Anchored on the aim to improve the life of our community and debate on the overall development of Punjabis across the globe, we will soon be launching into a full-scale Punjabi-Hindi-English language news channel. Not affiliated with any political party in India or Abroad, directly or indirectly – we would highly appreciate all and any kind of sponsorships to grow our channel to reach and support the Punjabi community worldwide.

Feel free to send in your valuable suggestions or questions to [email protected], we would love to know your opinion!


Under the esteemed guidance of Mr. Satnam Singh Chahal, QaumiMasley™ is owned and operated in an individual capacity.

(All creators and contributors of the show are unpaid volunteers, unless otherwise specified by core management.)

Headquarters: 37, Green Enclave, Jalandhar, Punjab, India-144007

WhatsApp: 98724-86727

USA WhatsApp: 408-221-5732